The quote on quote “Dwightmare” has been draining. We have heard nothing but non stop rumors half of which do not make sense. The rumor of the day seems to be a 3 team day between Orlando, Los Angeles, and Cleveland. And to this rumor I say REALLY ORLANDO WHAT ARE YOU THINKING. granted this is only if we’re assuming that this rumor is true which I just can not see why orlando would make this deal.

Best Case Scenario

Lakers Get Howard

Cavs get Bynum

Magic get cap relief and picks

This scenario is alright but those picks are almost guaranteed to not be top 10 meaning basically you are giving up dwight for the simple purpose of cap relief. I just do not see that this is the best trade that orlando can get when the Rockets seem to want to throw anything they can to get Dwight. If I were Orlando I’d go after everything the Rockets could give me. This may just be my opinion but i much prefer Prospects and Picks to cap relief. Its just my motto in everything. Cap relief will come as long as you dont hand out bad contracts (JAMEER NELSON) but prospects and picks are things that can help longterm. So Orlando, either trade dwight to orlando or get Bynum for yourself, you do not trade a superstar for cap relief.



I will keep this brief. I do not think either side is wrong and I do not think we should hate on Lin or the Knicks for the decision they made. Lin had every right to try and get as much money as he possibly could and the Knicks had every right to match or not match. But I will say that if the Knicks did not match purely out of spite. WOW. If I were in the knicks position I personally would have matched, he showed some impressive skills in those starts he played and he surely could have gotten better. But since I am not in the Knicks Locker room what do I know? All i know is that Lin is now on the Houston Nothing but powerforwards Rockets and he has a chance to define whether we see this Knicks move as a horrible one or a display of genius on the part of the Knicks front office.

But for now I say it was a good move by the Knicks. You should not be paying someone even 5 mil a year for such a small resume, and that 15 mil 3rd year is a killer. Maybe Lin will grow into being worth that contract but at this point I think it is smart to pass on paying Lin that much. So good luck to the Rockets hope it works out for you.

This is my second year of truly watching summer league and while it is exciting to see all the young prospects I have to say this is some of the ugliest basketball I have ever seen (Outside of when i go to play at the park). But as seems to be the case a few prospects stand out and I will give my heavily biased review of which young’ns are really splashing onto my radar.

Klay Thompson (21 yrs old 6’7 SG)

He has been dynamite thus far in Summer league. This should not be too surprising since he was a very solid rookie and has a big time NBA talken in his ability to knock down the three. He has shown this throughout this summer league averaging an impressive 20 6 4.5. This has been a very impressive showing and I am excited to see if he can keep it up.

Terrence Jones (20 yrs old 6’9 SF)

Coming out of the draft I was not sure what to think about him, I was not into him as a prospect because nothing ever made me say wow. But seeing him in summer league has changed my way of thinking. He is averaging a cool 18 points and 8.5 rebounds. If he can put anywhere near those numbers in the NBA he might be considered for ROY.

Josh Selby (21 yrs old 6’2 PG/SG)

Simple if he can hit the three like this in the NBA that will be such a big thing for his career. It is important not to get too hung up with what someone does in summer league because it can mean Jack squat once they get to the league. But these young players need to realize that they only have to be good at one thing and if selby can make hitting the three his one thing he might be able to make a long career of himself.

There have been many other awesome players who have made an impression in my eyes but these are just the three i felt like talking about. One thing i have noticed is that i do not see many big men doing anything to really set themselves apart. I mean there have been a few but there are noticeably more wing players doing their thing then there are big men. But thats probably to be expected with the new Small Ball NBA